Please read the instructions for Ransomware Incident Response free evaluation

If you want our Ransomware Incident Response team to perform a preliminary analysis and a Ransomware Free Quote to handle your incident.
Our Ransomware Experts will need to examine all the files to submit and respond within 3-24 hours upon your request.
Ransomware Incident Response Quote

Step 1: Who you are, what has happened and what do you need?

Important Advice for your files

Either you decide to work with us or not you should perform the following. These are quick tips that will help you in the future.
  1. Disconnect the infected machine(s) from any network (public or private) to prevent further infections or double encryption.
  2. Instantly backup all the crucial files or partitions of your infected computers.The backup should not be in the form of file copy, but rather in the form of a sector by sector image using software like Ghost.
  3. Its very important to be able to maintain the initial state of the encrypted machine because things can get worse!
  4. Don’t remove the virus yet, before you take a full image sector by sector backup. Some solutions need the virus running so we can get information about decryption keys.
  5. Do not contact anybody from now on, until you receive some instructions from our team. Contacting the attackers may reduce drastically our chances for negotiation.

We will need some time to analyze your case after you submit the information requested, so we kindly ask for your patience in order to process the data you send us.

We will come back to you when we finish analyzing the available solutions (if any) and provide you with feedback free of charge.

Please reply to us as soon as possible because Ransomware incidents are quite time sensitive.

Don’t hesitate to contact our ransomware incident response team, if you have any questions.