This is our Ransomware Experts Team by TicTac Data Recovery

Our distinctive and transparent approach to ransomware incidents provides a free analysis and examination of all possible solutions.

Our Ransomware Experts team has always in mind that your encrypted data is valuable so we will try our best to help our clients recover their data after a ransomware incident that had the clients data encrypted with strong encryption.

Our apporoach is to examine all possible free ransomware decryptors, identification and careful examination of ransomware variant and if no solution exists we help clients negotiate with Ransomware Hacker teams or we contact alternative contacts from the Dark web to check all possible solutions.

We are client focused and we feel your pain, so we present all possible options. Contact us immediately before you perform any actions.

Cyber Security Consultant / Cyber Insurance Expert

Panagiotis Pierros

Panagiotis is working for more than 15 years in the Data Recovery field and is responsible for the first communication with clients.

Data Recovery Engineer / Ransomware Expert

Mike Mingos

Mike has been working in the Data Recovery industry since 1999 and lately he specializes in Ransomware Negotiation and Analysis

Data Recovery Engineer / Ransomware Analyst

Christodoulos Mikousis

Christodoulos is a data recovery engineer since 2007 and is specializing in Ransomware Analysis

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to fight Ransomware and malware and to help businesses and individuals who have data encrypted by ransomware to get their files decrypted by any means.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide professional support and experienced help to help you in your Ransomware Incident

Our Vision

We are passionate about business and we believe that Ransomware is the biggest threat of your data so far, that's why we try to help you recover your data by any means.

Open Positions

Data Analysist

Full-time job
CV and motivational letter
Athens, Greece
Posted March 12, 2019

Our company is hiring people with Ransomware expertise either they have a computer science degree or they are skilled in analysing encrypted data from Ransomware

The candidates should be able to provide us solutions that will then help our clients recover their data without paying the ransom if it is possible.

Contact person: Mike Mingos
Phone: +30 6932711771