Ransomware Hacker Reviews Email Database

Ransomware Hacker Reviews - Hacker Email Database
In our company we have dealt with lots of Ransomware Incidents and we have already worked with the following Hacker emails.
We file the outcome of every Ransomware Negotiation so we can tell you what happened with every hacker team incident so you know if hacker team is reliable to pay them with Bitcoin.
We have a Rating System where we keep the outcome of every Hacker Negotiation and we can inform you about the Hacker team intentions to give you your files back after payment
Some of them keep their promises in delivering your files after payment but some of them will not release the files and will not respond to your emails after you pay them with Bitcoin.

Is a hacker reliable or not ? Based on Hacker Email Database

We charge $300 for our service to let you know if you are dealing with reliable Hacker team or not.
These are some Hacker Emails that have been involved in some Ransomware cases we have contacted in the past and we know if they can be trusted:
  • backtonormal@foxmail.com
  • Beamsell@qq.com
  • bebenrowan@aol.com
  • Badfail@qq.com
  • bitcoin888@cock.li
  • bkp@cock.li
  • black.mirror@qq.com
  • Blacklist@cock.li
  • Blammo@cock.li
  • BM-2cXonzj9ovn5qdX2MrwMK4j3qCquXBKo4h@bitmessage.ch
  • btc2017@india.com
  • btcdecrypter@qq.com
  • combo@tutanota.de
  • cooldesktop@cock.li
  • cooldesktop@protonmail.com
  • cyberwars@qq.com
  • Darknes@420blaze.it
  • decrypt_arena@india.com
  • decryptdata@qq.com (STOP .djvu)
  • decryptoperator@gmail.com
  • decryptprof@qq.com
  • decryptinfo@protonmail.com
  • decryptseller@gmail.com
  • doololostme1986@aol.com
  • evillocker@cock.li
  • gladius_rectus@aol.com
  • goodjob24@foxmail.com
  • Grizzly@airmail.cc
  • help_files@aol.com
  • icrypt@cock.li
  • johnrant@gmail.com
  • kyratsas@gmail.com
  • lassvegas@protonmail.com
  • marat20@cock.li
  • mazma@india.com
  • nigmut@ganefs.com
  • paydecryption@qq.com
  • paymentbtc@firemail.cc
  • payransom@qq.com
  • pdfhelp@india.com
  • sasutemul1972@aol.com
  • savefiles@india.com
  • sebekgrime@tutanota.com
  • stopencrypt@qq.com
  • suppfirecrypt@qq.com
  • tracsebluopa1975@aol.com
  • veradecrypt@gmail.com
  • WindyHill@cock.li
  • youneedfiles@india.com
  • kromber@tutanota.com (email shut down)
  • DonovanTudor@aol.com (Phobos)
  • kromber@india.com (email shut down)
  • Sqlbackup4@mail.fr (Phobos)
  • wolfhelp359@airmail.cc (Wolf)
  • luciolussenhoff@aol.com (Phobos)
  • zorsesecurity@airmail.cc
  • zorsesecurity@mail2tor.com
  • hyena@rape.lol (everbe 2.0)
  • hyena@cock.lu (everbe 2.0)
  • notopen@cock.li (everbe 2.0)
  • eV3rbe@rape.lol (everbe 2.0)
  • divine@cock.lu (everbe 2.0)
  • tryopen@cock.li (everbe 2.0)

Encrypted file samples from Dharma (.cezar) Ransomware

  • .idA04EBFC2.[bitcoin143@india.com].dharma
  • .id480EB957.[legionfromheaven@india.com].wallet
  • .idEB214036.[amagnus@india.com].zzzzz
  • .id5FF23AFB.[Asmodeum_daemonium@aol.com].onion
  • .id01234567.[gladius_rectus@aol.com].cezar
  • .id01234567.[btc2017@india.com].cesar
  • .idBCBEF350.[chivas@aolonline.top].arena
  • .idBCBEF350.[cranbery@colorendgrace.com].cobra
  • .id406B4F5A.[black.mirror@qq.com].java
  • .id30B3DDC1.[mazma@india.com].write
  • .idB8F053EC.[marat20@cock.li].arrow
  • .idBCBEF350.[Beamsell@qq.com].bip
  • .idFCOA3387.[combo@tutanota.de].combo
  • .idBCBEF350.[paymentbtc@firemail.cc].cmb
  • .idA0B3FFC4.[paydecryption@qq.com].brrr
  • .idBCBEF350.[bebenrowan@aol.com].gamma
  • .idBCBEF350.[icrypt@cock.li].monro
  • .idBCBEF350.[bkp@cock.li].bkp
  • .idBCBEF350.[btc@fros.cc].btc
  • .idBCBEF350.[decrypt@fros.cc].bgtx
  • .idBCBEF350.[decrypt@fros.cc].boost
  • .idBCBEF350.[Darknes@420blaze.it].waifu
  • .id8ADB6DDA.[WindyHill@cock.li].funny
  • .idBCBEF350.[backtonormal@foxmail.com].betta
  • .idBCBEF350.[Blacklist@cock.li].vanss
  • .idBCBEF350.[GetDataBack@fros.cc].like
  • .idBCBEF350.[help@decryptfiles.info].gdb
  • .idBCBEF350.[syndicateXXX@aol.com].xxxxx
  • .id30CE2F6F.[unlock@fros.cc].lock]
  • .idBCBEF350.[decrypt@fros.cc].adobe
  • .idB4BCE79D.[payransom@qq.com].AUDIT
  • .idB4BCE79D.[decrypt_arena@india.com].cccmn
  • .id001DBF12.[xtron@cockli].tron
  • .idBCBEF350.[decrypt@fros.cc].back
  • .id001DBF12.[Grizzly@airmail.cc].Bear
  • .id001DBF12.[suppfirecrypt@qq.com].fire

Emails from Phobos Ransomware

  • .id[A0BE1E93-1127].[DonovanTudor@aol.com].txt
  • .id-9CA00B4E.[Sqlbackup4@mail.fr].bat
  • .id[EAFB2DAC-1023].[luciolussenhoff@aol.com].phobos
  • .ID3EA0B923.[job2019@tutanota.com].phobos
  • .ID1ECFD954.[FobosAmerika@protonmail.ch].Frendi
  • .ID2CA6D4CB.[prejimzalma1972@aol.com].phoenix
  • .id[B29F13F31130].[fileb@protonmail.com].mamba
  • .id[F6DE80A31148].[karlosdecrypt@outlook.con].KARLOS
  • .id[FA10CE411104].[kew07@qq.com].ACTIN
  • .id[F6DE80A31148].[returnmefiles@aol.com].ACTOR
  • .id[70C80B9F1127].[DonovanTudor@aol.com].com
  • .id[70C80B9F1127].[wewillhelpyou@qq.com].adage
  • .id[C4BA36472243].[walletdata@hotmail.com].WALLET
  • .id[6C21BD381096].[lockhelp@qq.com].acute
  • .id[6C21BD381096].[Supportcrypt2019@cock.li].Adame

Emails from Matrix Ransomware

  • kromber@india.com
  • kromber@protonmail.com

.arrow Ransomware

  • .id-{id}.[bitcoin888@cock.li].arrow
  • .id-{id}.[Blammo@cock.li].arrow
  • .id-{id}.[vauvau@cock.li].arrow

THT Ransomware

  • m4xroothackerteam@protonmail.com

Everbe 2.0 Ransomware

  • .eV3rbe
  • .EVIL
  • .HYENA
  • .thunder
  • .divine


Wolf Ransomware

  • .WOLF (wolfhelp359@airmail.cc)

Zorssecurity Ransomware

  • .zorsesecurity

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  • amim

    my files are encrypted by decryptprof@qq.com can you help me?

  • Ransomware Decryption Administrator

    Please send us a sample of the encrypted files in info@ransomware-decryption.com along with your details.

  • Www.Crescentmoonhky.com

    Hello! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing months of hard work due to no backup.
    Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

  • Ransomware Decryption Administrator

    Definately we have. Please sign in with this service and you will have the best security for your blog: https://ransomware-decryption.com/recommends/sucuri/

  • nerob

    my file are hacked by pdfhelp@india.com .i want to get back of my file which you was hack in 1/17/2019 . I was send more email to them but he do not response to me… please help me sir …… my email.. nerob.khan94@gmail.com

  • Nerob

    I want to get back from hack file by pdfhelp@india.com . which was hack in 17/1/2017 . I was more tray to contact to them but they do not response with me… please sir help me …

  • Albab

    my PC files are encrypted “.lockd” ransomware. can you help me?

  • Tammu

    I think my phone has been hacked here’s what’s coming up mz@,malabata.club and slot more could you enlighten me on what’s going on please

  • Ransomware Decryption Administrator

    Yes there is a specific service that we assign to websites that need to be protected and it acts both as an antivirus solution and at the same time a firewall that blocks such attacks and scans your website automatically to prevent such attacks. You can contact us for further details.

  • Ransomware Decryption Administrator

    Yes, our Mobile phone forensics team can help you. But we need physical access to the phone in our lab.

  • Ransomware Decryption Administrator

    Yes but contact us via email or phone because we will need some information from your side to be submitted in our analysis tool.

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