Ransomware Protection Tips

How to protect against Ransomware Attacks (Ransomware Protection Tips)

Ransomware Protection Tips

Its very important to understand that most hacker attacks involve Remote Desktop Connection vulnerabilities.

This means that they actually brute force your remote desktop connection password or they take advantage of security flaws in your remote desktop connection to be able to access your network infrastructure from the outside.

Lets identify what you should do in order to prevent an incident that even if your infrastructure has been hacked, you can have minimum impact.

How to protect against Ransomware Attacks

  1. You should use a credible antivirus solution for your endpoints (such as Webroot, Bitdefender, Sophos etc)
  2. You should never user the user account “Administrator” on other hosts than the domain Controller.
  3. You should have active “User” privileges in the Servers / Clients so user access should be limited
  4. Don’t use the Administrator password in other devices like NAS or Backup devices
  5. You should create a new e-mail account with different password for the antivirus panel, and you should never use it on other services
  6. Don’t use common passwords anywhere. Especially Administrator or privileged user access passwords.
  7. Start using a Cloud backup solution and make sure that you use different email and password
  8. Don’t save passwords in browsers or in any text file on the computers
  9. Use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) logins whenever available (Microsoft Accounts, Google Accounts, Banking accounts etc)