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Paradise Ransomware Decryptor Gets Your Files Back for Free

A decryptor for the Paradise Ransomware has been released by Emsisoft that enables victims to decrypt their files for totally free.

For over 2 years, the Paradise Ransomware has actually been encrypting targets as well as customers have been unable to recuperate their data unless they recovered from backups or paid the ransom money.

Today, Emsisoft has released a decryptor for the Paradise Ransomware that enables targets returning as far as 2017 to decrypt their documents without paying a ransom money.

Not all variations of the Paradise Ransomware are sustained.

The validated extensions that can be decrypted are listed below:

.paradise (e.g. _V.0.0.1{}.paradise)
.FC (e.g. _Support_{}.FC)
.sev (e.g. _Kim Chin Im_{}.sev)

To utilize the decryptor, sufferers require an encrypted and unencrypted pair of files that are bigger than 3KB. Discovering unencrypted versions is easier for images that you may have downloaded from the Internet or have duplicates elsewhere.

Once you have an encrypted and unencrypted file pair, download Emsisoft’s Paradise Ransomware decryptor and execute it.

You will then be prompted to select the encrypted and unencrypted versions of the file as shown below.